Profile Jumper!

The brower extension that helps you jump between profiles.

The open source browser extension which is 100% free!
Easy to configure and you can setup profiles instantly.

See Profile Jumper! in action
Above is how Profile Jumper! works in action.

What's the problem?

Problem: The creators found the problem of book marking various sites, articles, journals, interests and wanted to access their online profiles. But with each interesting reference or link, bookmarked profiles get pushed asside! (We thought it was rather annoying enough to create this great little tool).

Solution: Now with this browser extension, there is a solution. Have all your profiles in one convienient location. So you don't need to invent a bookmarking proceedure - instead just focus on your insterests! When you want to share or access a social profile, you simply click and its just instantly available!

Profiles as icons
Profiles Icons

Profile icons are available for most popular social nextworks. What's more is there are other links you can customise too. The idea is to have you social profiles all easily accessible in one place.

Easy to configure
Configure Easily

Profiles are confured so easily. We have tied to make this as easy and efficient as possible. See the how to section for more information.

Open Source
Open Source

This browser extension is completely open source software, so you can view the code and even apply changes if you want. See the GitHub project here.

Who is behind this?

Initially started by Mr Upgradable, however take a look at the credits section for all contributors. If you are interested in helping promote this project, translating or anything else! Take a look at support this project section for more information.